Thursday, June 5, 2008

Liquid baby

If Braska continues with the eye watering and nose running and rattling wet cough, she's gonna just soak into the floor and disappear I think. That girl's gooey. Now, granted, she doesn't drool, even now, and that's good. Drool gets to me for some reason.

The good news is that she slept better last night thanks to our pals ibuprofen and benadryl. All night. We all slept all night. How spoiled we've been!! Let's hope it continues, though.

We saw her new pediatrician yesterday for a quick meeting. I like her, and I think she'll be willing to do whatever we need for Braska, so that's what's important. We actually go in tomorrow for a before-the-weekend check on Braska's cough, but we'll see her associate since she's out.

BTW... Stay tuned for the return of Random Questions next week... are you ready?


  1. Yay for sleep! and I am so ready for random questions...I need a topic!

  2. aww poor baby. I'm glad she's starting to feel better. Bring on the random questions. I missed the last ones but am ready for the new ones.

  3. I'm glad that sleep is back at least - but hope she keeps feeling better.
    Glad that you liked the ped too - yay!!

    I'm so ready for Random Questions!

  4. We have snot at our house too! I hope it gets better for you!!

  5. Glad you are all getting sleep now.
    I hope little Braska feels better soon!
    Glad to see you are getting everything "up & running" again! :)

  6. so what do you judge your ped by? We have a 'good' one as in the doctors bring their kids there and he does what I ask but he never offers if I don't.......


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