Monday, June 16, 2008

Little by little

I got a few more boxes cleared out. The kitchen stuff is done, and I found a place for all of it. Even if it doesn't all fit in the kitchen itself.

The kitchen and pantry spills out into the "dining area" that isn't. At least there's some open space now. There are 3 boxes left there that need to go to storage with the 42,000 others that are already there.

The clearing gives free path to the deck and our little sitting area. It's nice to sit out there in the evening...well, when it's not still 88 at 9pm. We can stand on the deck and toss bread to the ducks and geese in the lake. Not a bad deal.


  1. Looks great - and what a nice view!

  2. I am so jealous of the clean counter top!

  3. Things sure look great. You give me incentive to do some things here -- that is, when I can get a new fridge bought because my less-than-8-year-old one went out last night :o( I've spent the day online doing price checking and research. Have it narrowed down to 3. I've got to choose in the morning...

  4. It's looking really good - and I love your balcony!


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