Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why blog?

I think of things often that I want to remember. I am never really sure why I want to remember them. Is it to tell someone else? Is it to remind myself of the principle or concept or emotion at a later date when it's needed? Is it so I can be right sometime when I need some proof of that particular type? Who knows...but nevertheless, I often make a conscious attempt to file things away in a compartment of the brain that will be easily searchable later.

Blogging is something that only recently has appealed to me as a way to categorize these things I'd like to remember. It's interesting that I would "publish" them, in that they are primarily for me, except that I believe that very few, if any, concepts or epiphanies are only valuable to one person. So if that is true, it would follow that someone out there might benefit from one of my memory files.

They won't all be nice, neat, short, and sweet, in fact, most will probably be difficult to organize into sentences and paragraphs for me, and more difficult for the reader to sift through. Rarely does one learn a great deal about oneself from peaceful, happy times. And I have learned a great deal. One thing I hope will pervade the whole of my attempt at this venture, the fact that I serve a God who is good all the time, regardless of my current circumstance, and He is in control of all things. Even when, in a low point of his RK-parenting experience, he must allow me to walk--more often plead with me to take one step--through very deep valleys in order to appreciate the beauty that is just past the trees. There is the smallest opening that I can barely see far ahead, and that is why I take another step . He is victorious, and because I am His, I am victorious.

Posts may happen frequently, and there may be little droughts. (I highly recommend Google Reader as a part of iGoogle to make it easy to subscribe to the feeds you like, so you don't have to go hunting new posts on dozens of blogs. Same login as Blogger.)

So read if you wish, quietly decide not to if you wish, or tell me I'm crazy if you should so desire, but this is just me... just RK.


  1. I will read quietly, but am sure that if nothing else the journaling will be good for the soul. Love you

  2. I don't have a cool picture, but I too will be checking in on you. I haven't put anything on my private blog for quite awhile--am not sure why---just haven't. Somehow my words seem to hold me more accountable and that is often no good. I have enjoyed the wee one's blog so much and trust this one will be good for the wee one's mom. I love you-


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