Thursday, July 19, 2007

I just don't wanna!

Today we'll see a Dr who will tell us about a G-tube...what it is, why we might be interested in it, and the risks involved with it. He'll probably tell us that there are always small risks with any procedure, but that it's safe. I still don't wanna do it. Let's break down the percentages.

3% of children who undergo anesthesia have a reaction. That's 3 out of 100 for you that struggle with math, like me. I don't wanna be one of those three.

1% of patients develop infections after this type of procedure. That's 1 out of 100. I don't wanna be that one.

When do the numbers get easier to work with? When do we get to stop being ruled and haunted by the percentages of risk vs. benefit? I guess that's life. I suppose it never ends. That's ok, but for now, I just don't wanna...


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