Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Too much loss lately

Friends have lost daughters. Friends have lost mothers. Others have lost beloved friends and aunts and uncles. There has been much loss around my family lately.

But today there will be a service for a husband and father to very young ones who thoroughly adored him. He felt he wasn't enough,  and he had no idea he was their all. It's heartbreaking to think of those children.

Just now, another husband of a special friend, father to really great kids, faithful friend and example for many,  passed away after a totally unexpected health shock. It's hard to even grasp.

I'm so sad for them,  but glad they are those who can grieve with hope. Their trust is not abandoned even in this.

No matter what my current list of frustrating circumstances is,  and it's been longer than usual lately, my gratefulness is in need of ramping up.
I am blessed. To have mine all with me. To have a shelter to sleep in.

Count your blessings today,  friends.

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  1. Perspective can be a brutal gift. My heart & sympathies to your friends.


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