Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One long day, almost over

I'm exhausted. I am mentally tired.

But I am thankful.

Thankful for access to the best medical care.
Thankful for the freedom to spend time holding my girl.
Thankful that M was able to go with me to the hospital.
Thankful for excellent nurses and doctors who care.
Thankful for our families who helped SO much today.
Thankful for the many, many people who prayed for us today.

Braska is sleeping and we hope she has a good night. There were a few unpleasant moments this evening, but we are all doing ok. I'm so glad we are home and well. The rest will come. And I'll continue to be thankful. God is good. All the time. No matter what. Good times and bad. But I am thankful that today we end on a high note. My girls are safe and sleeping well. We are blessed.


  1. And I am sure Braska is thankful for her mommy and daddy who take such good care!!

  2. So glad things went well today. You have a very special family and I still pray for all of you.

  3. Praying Braska does better than expected today.

  4. So glad it went well. [[HUGS]] friends!

  5. Sorry I am just catchingup. Very happy it went well. Hope all remains well!!! oxox

  6. i've been thinking of you and your sweet girl's blinkers. xoxox to you...


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