Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally 37

Today’s M’s birthday. He’s 37.  Finally.  The time from October, when I jump ahead in age for a few months, to May, when he catches up seems forever.  He is relentless, let me tell ya. 

This is currently one of my fave pictures… Daddy walking with the girls into church.  Just what daddies should be doing, in my book.  And he does it every week. This ranks high on my list, and I’m thankful.

I’m working tonight, so not much fun going to be had around here for the birthday boy other than Daddy duty all evening.  But Friday evening we’ll do something more fun.

Welcome to 37, young pup.


  1. Way to go M! Love the pic! Text bday wishes were on time. Card sent a couple days late, but sent! Enjoy 37 all year. I've been to "most" of the numbers ABOVE it!

    PS: Levi sent greetings to old cell #; we forwarded...

  2. 37 seems old for a person's first baby. Especially when that person doesn't feel like they are 57.

  3. Love the lot of you and hope your belated birthday celebration was a sweet one. I can't think of a family that deserves it more than you.

    (p.s. oh, my...braska looks so grown up in those sweet slippers on her feet. how i love an ankle strap...)


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