Friday, February 4, 2011

Two favorite things collide

I love digital scrapbooking, specifically some fave designers’ blogs that I have in my Google Reader. And I have a passion for the children represented by Reece’s Rainbow. This is not news to any of you who have been around for long.  Two favorite things. Both part of me, but I didn’t ever expect the two to meet elsewhere…

So how surprised I was to see posts on two of my favorite digiscrapping blogs this week promoting a super great collab kit by the awesome designers at Stuff to Scrap!



It caught my attention because I KNOW that little face on the bottom of the preview pic.  I’ve seen him on the Reece’s Rainbow site for a little while. And now he’s got a family working to bring him home!  Hooray!!

That family, the Hartmans, knows Shelby at JeNaSiS DeSiGn (one of my favorite designers!) and she and the other designers at Stuff to Scrap got together to do an adorable kit, from which ALL proceeds will go toward Brady’s adoption! I sent a note of thanks to Shelby and Andrea, the two designers whose blogs I saw the post on, both were involved in the kit. A cool added thing is that Shelby asked about possibly volunteering her scrapping skills for making RR buttons, which is a HUGE need.  I have had to step away from helping with the buttons due to other demands. God does amazing things in the most unexpected ways!

So if you’re a digiscrapper, please go over and check out this kit! It’s HUGE as collab kits go, and what better reason to get some great papers and elements!

If you’re not a digiscrapper, but you would like to be, I’d be happy to let you know how I got hooked. This kit would be a GREAT place to start!

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