Thursday, February 24, 2011

StL area locals--superb photo opportunity!

Last year I was blessed by a string of events that led me to connect with Kim and Jodie at Fresh Art Photography to assist with a special day of photo shoots. I've been following their blogs ever since and loving to see the great photos and cute stories and real lives of these super cool ladies.

Today they posted an AMAZING chance to get to experience their art for a VERY reasonable rate and all the money goes to benefit an adopting family! Win/Win/Win! Oh wouldn't I love to get my girls in front of their cameras, especially the one who just refuses to cooperate with cameras and loves to strike unflattering poses quite frequently when the camera shows up. (Yeah, that's Braska.) Kim and Jodie shoot together, and I'm betting they might could catch Braska off her game and sneak in some nice shots. But right now this probably isn't in the cards for us... someday, though!

BUT--YOU can take advantage of it and get a little mini-session scheduled, and you will NOT be disappointed, I'm quite sure. Check out the post with all the details here and let them know you want to get in on this awesome chance to capture your kids in such a cool way!

You can also donate to the cause and it will go toward helping a family with a "photo scholarship" so to speak... so if you know of a family that could benefit from that, go check out the details!

Thanks, Jodie and Kim. As always, you guys rock!!!

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  1. Thanks for getting the word out! I really appreciate it! Katie


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