Friday, January 14, 2011

Kinlee-isms #3 and evidentiary video

K: Mom, I don’t have a button in my belly.
RK: Well, you do have one button, you just don’t have two like Braska.
K: I want to have two buttons. Where is my other button?

K: Mom, I need you to open the cab’net. It’s too hard for me.
RK: I’ll help you in just a minute.
K: I want you to help me now, please. I don’t want you in a minute.


K: Snoopy is a good dog. And Blue is a good puppy.
RK: Yes, honey, they are.
K: I love Snoopy, Mom.
RK: That’s good, KiKi. Snoopy is pretty cool.
K: Belle is a good dog, too, Mom.
RK: Yes, KiKi, Belle is a good dog.
K: I love Belle, Mom. She’s a good dog.


When singing any song in the car or around the house, if Braska starts to chime in too…
K: Braska’s singing my song, Mom. I don’t want her to sing my song.
RK: It’s not your song, Kinlee, we can all sing the song. Braska can sing and Mommy can sing and KiKi can sing. All together.
K: We can sing all together. Everybody sing the song?
RK: Yes, it’s everybody’s song.
K: I don’t like everybody’s song.
(This exchange, verbatim, is a frequent occurrence.)


RK: It’s time for night night. Let’s get jammies on.
K: No, mom, I wear naked body to bed.
(She took to removing her jammies in bed, so we just let her sleep in her diaper and heat her room a little better. And she is SO excited when she gets to take her clothes off and get into bed.)
RK: Ok, you can wear naked body to bed.
K: NAKED BODY! (running around in circles) I love my naked body!! OH! (stopping abruptly) I need my bunny, blanket, and bink first, Mom.

We might be in trouble…

Exhibiting some of the “naked body” excitement…Here’s some video that I took about a week ago, just trying to capture some of the silliness we see so often. I realized that I will want to be able to look back and watch these little clips, though there’s not much “new” stuff in it, it’s just the normal. It’s the regular. It’s what life is right now. So enjoy, if you want to see a lot of silly girls running around being silly girls. If nothing else, it will probably provide you a few extra smiles today. Grandparents, you’ll probably want watch more than once if my guess is right.

If you listen closely, which is hard since my voice is the loudest…my apologies…you’ll get a good example of how difficult it is for M to get a word in edgewise at our house with us three chatty girls living here… a little Jingle Bells, a little cheering each other on, big sister bossing, great giggles, a Mark Sanchez impression, and random funny little bits.


  1. Love these stories and video - the kids thought it was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love it!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to do that. We miss our girls!!!!!!!!!

  3. Too cute! Looks like y'all are having lots of fun. We have a girl that likes her naked body here too. LOL


  4. FANTASTIC. If it's any consolation, Kaetlyn is DEFINITELY a big fan of Nakey-body time. She is THRILLED to take her clothes 7 months! Love the new header too. Thanks for putting a big smile on my face today! :)

  5. BODY! I love my naked body! I'm pretty sure this is Pudge's mantra, too, if she were able to utter it. With the additional "i love my naked body dancing in a puddle of my own urine" verse.

  6. You guys are going to be in so much trouble when she grows up, ha!


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