Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hurting for those grieving

Today people dear to me lost people dear to them. And they have had more grief in their lives than anyone should have to experience. I hurt for them, and I pray for them. At the same time I pray for the parents of their friends who lost children today, families who did not expect today to be the end of their joy. But I'm sure that right now it feels like that is the case.

I've not experienced this situation personally, not to this degree. But I've come to know grief through the eyes of a few close to me recently. Though dealing with it indirectly will never begin to compare to what a mother, son, father, daughter, sibling, or grandparent will feel. Yet I can feel the hurt of my friends, and I wish I could do something. Anything. Participate in their comfort. But right now, there's not much comfort where these families are.

Another dear friend lost her father a few weeks ago, who I knew well and loved also. One very special man, who made everyone he met feel like the star of the world when he gave a hug and asked what was new. The pain is so fresh. To feel such a yearning to help and be completely helpless is difficult. But nothing can compare to the pain that these families feel.

So I pray. Which is the most powerful thing I can do for them. It's not a last resort, by any means. I pray for peace that passes all understanding. And I pray for people very near to these families to be able to stand up for them when they falter and cannot do for themselves. I will do what I can, listen for as long as it takes, hug over and over, check in just to let them know I haven't forgotten them nor their loved one. And I will continue to pray, for I know that God does know the pain of losing his Son, and he is there where the tears are flowing tonight, holding tightly.


  1. RK, You seem like such a wonderful and caring woman. I am sure your friends and family are so pleased for you to be in their lives...loving and supporting them.

    In times of grief, there is no formula and everyone (even in the same family) may react differently.

    As you said, prayer is not the last resort and in praying for others, your own strength will be increased.

    Take Care,


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