Friday, September 4, 2009

Trading a sure thing for a question mark.

I have mentioned before that our service coordinator with EI is the best.  And she is.  Or she was.  Today was her last day with First Steps, and I’m not anywhere near happy about it.  Sure, I wish her well, she’ll be a great asset at her new place and she’ll do a wonderful job.  The kids will be blessed to have her. 

But we’re less than 3 months from transition from EI to school.  It’s a BIG transition.  I’ve done my homework and I’m continuing to learn, but I was SO counting on her to make sure we got through it safely.  The timing is just so plain sad.

And, though I’m trying to be open-minded, our new coordinator is new to the First Steps system, and that is enough to make me not feel confident.  He’s probably very nice, he’s probably really smart, and he’s probably good with kids, but will he be full of experience and knowledge when I need it most?  We’ll see… I’ll hope so. I’ve just come to find out today that some that were in her caseload are going to a much more experienced person.  Since we’re transitioning in less than 90 days, it would have been nice to be in that crowd.

Thankfully, I’ve recently gained another ally in the process who I’ll be leaning on even more now.  I’m going to be setting up a meeting with her next week to touch base and get on the same page.  She’ll be involved with us for the next 3+ years at Braska’s school, so I’m looking forward to that.

It’s not the worst thing ever, it’s probably a really great thing for her, but still, I’m bummed that it will mean a less-than-smooth transition.  It’s selfish, I know. 

We’ll sure miss her, no doubt!


  1. That stinks! Hoping the transition still goes smoothly!

  2. oh, that sucks.

    Maybe it's flattering -- like they know you're going to be able to handle it, and do an awesome job, and the parents who might need more handholding got the other caseworker?

    Still, it sucks.


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