Monday, September 21, 2009

Some answers for our normie

Just got back from the dr's office with KiKi. She has blisters on the back of her throat. Well, whatta ya know?! Something IS wrong! I'm relieved in a way, because this whole deal of the unknown is the most challenging to me. Dr. A also gave me a script for lactulose to help with her constipation too. Braska had this issue and did well on this med, so I'm glad she agreed to try it for Kinlee. Hopefully, if we can get those two things fixed (just pain support for the blisters) then maybe Happy KiKi will return.

I keep meaning to do a full post on this, but I'll just state it for now: "Everyone" seems to think kids with DS are hard work, but Kinlee is WAY more difficult and more exhausting and more frustrating than Braska has ever been in her almost 3 years. That doesn't mean we don't love her and enjoy her differences, of course, and there are rewards, but for the record, normies are no cake walk either in my book!

(Just to clarify our "normie" and "Downsie" terms... they are terms of affection given by M to the girls. Nobody is claiming they're PC, but if you've been around us AT ALL, you'll know that's not really a forte of ours anyway. So don't be upset... I kind of see it like calling a roly poly baby "chubkins" or "our little Michelin baby" or whatever. There's only love there, people. )


  1. sounds painful. i can't even imagine. is there a reason she got blisters on the back of her throat. i don't blame her for being crabby, i would go crazy, too. do you ever hang out in the old part of st. charles? i thought that you mentioned you lived close to the area. justin and i have eaten at rottweillers..i think is the name of it. pretty good!

  2. I hope Kinlee's feeling better!

    I say the same thing about Lucas! Much more difficult, at least so far. I've teased that if he was my first he would have been my last! LOL the only area he's been easier in has been dr appts - Kayla has always been uneasy and apprehensive and sometimes quite freaked out by anything medical. Lucas sits there and lets them do whatever to him without moving a muscle.

  3. Glad that you found out what was causing Kinlee to be so crabby, hoping the meds work and she is back to a happy go lucky baby in no time. It is NO fun to have a clingy, unhappy baby!
    Hope she rests well and you get a much needed mommy break!

  4. So what caused the bumps???

  5. Is it a viral thing? I have to say, after Sophie, Helena has shocked me to the bone. It doesn't even matter that Alexander was first. Sophie has become my norm and Helena is a pistol.

  6. glad to know that the doc discovered the reason to Kiki being cranky lately. I hope she feels better soon.

  7. I love the non-PC terms!

    And hope your normie feels better :)


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