Sunday, October 13, 2013

40th birthday party pics

The party Friday night was really nice.  Trendy location, yummy food, great music playlist, family and friends to laugh with.  There was a little karaoke (my fave…livin’ on a prayer…totally took me back), and as my kids were the only kids there (and they left early) they enjoyed getting lots of attention and dancing with anyone willing.


It was a bit sad that many couples were out of town or ended up with sick kids at the last minute.  No fun that they weren’t there… some were appropriately bummed.

But for the crowd who came and celebrated with me, thanks!!!  It was a great time! We should do it regularly, I say!


  1. Loved hearing you sing again. It has been a long time. Very nice party.

  2. Great time! Did you tape the "sisters' duet?" Would have loved to hear that! Great pictures, too! So glad you had a great time!



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