Monday, December 24, 2012

Time for Sparkly Christmas Smiles


We’re here. We’re swamped. (Well, I am, anyway)  But we’re ok.  By the end of February I think things should slow….. No, new office opening March 1.  Ok, by the end of March, then…  No, wait, boss is having a baby in April. Major shift.  Maybe by Memorial Day then??

It might be the three part-time jobs (the newest of which gave me over 32 hours last week, but should calm down in about 2-3 weeks), the volunteering at school, the two little girls who want lots of go-ing, the house that seems to magically multiply clutter, the church involvement, or the DS group coordinating. Who knows what the main culprit to the chaos is right now, but most are suffering, some more than others…   

In the midst of it all, I love Christmas. And yet it also brings some of the most difficult realities to the forefront for me.  It’s not about money. Just about people.  Christmas is just not quite as I had hoped it would be at this stage in the game.  Every year I hope. And I’ll keep hoping.  I’ll leave it at that, to avoid being a true Christmas downer.

Nevertheless, it’s a precious time to watch my girls enjoy their elf, Cliffie, to see their excitement about parties with their friends and family.  I’m taking lots of pictures.  Just not sure when I’ll get to look at them or share them! 

If you have the option, slow down and enjoy the holiday.  If you have those around you who enjoy making you smile and go out of their way to bring it about, tell them it means the world, and consider yourself very blessed.

And now my girls are coughing in their beds, only 4 hours into their night of sleep….  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a GOOD night!!


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