Friday, November 9, 2012

Ahead of the curve

Today I sat with Braska's teacher to chat about what's up. To touch base about how things are going.

Braska is in a private school. Small class of 8 in a gen ed setting. There is some assistance for those who need it here or there but no special ed, per se. She does sometimes get help from a teacher who has time to lend an extra hand.

She's been getting pulled out more frequently lately, according to her daily report sheet. I wondered what that was about,  as it was during reading and the phonics,  two of her strong areas. So today I asked.

Her teacher simply stated that she was benefitting from the one on one to keep her challenged and on a good pace of progress. She said the other kids just weren't ready yet for the level Braska was at.

Come again?

That's right.  My daughter,  with Down syndrome, the only child with this type of disability in her school, is being pulled out of her academic Kindergarten class because she is reading at about a grade level above her peers.

Don't worry,  I had to hear it twice to get it in my head,  too.

Wow. Just about blew me away.

I mean I know she's doing well,  and I'm thrilled with the school set up and how much they are committed to her no matter what. But it sure put me in my place, selling my girl short. I know she reads pretty well,  but I don't know what's *normal* for kindergarten. Kinlee is no help since she's years ahead, too. So I felt stunned. And so proud. And kind of vindicated for all the time we have spent working with her... 

My kid with a disability is being pulled out for advanced work.

Yes,  sir. *giggle* I'm quite good with that.


  1. Hehehe!! LOVE it!!! Way to go, Braska, you little rock star, you!!! :-) Samantha's also ahead of her typical class for reading, too, and frequently reads with members of a 4th grade class that come in as reading buddies - it keeps her motivated. I think reading is one of the most valuable things our kids can learn. Or *any* kids, for that matter. And a LOVE of reading is worth everything.


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