Thursday, January 5, 2012

Re-entry via Random Street

Hopefully by now most of you have realized that we have not vanished into vapor and that I have, in fact, just been unable to blog in the preferred regular-and-with-worthwhile-content manner. 

But after being gone, missing so much that has been so bloggable (IF it were not that I have too thoroughly mixed the IRL and blog worlds), where does one begin again?

Who knows.

So I’ll just throw out some stuff that’s been rattling around or that has happened in snippet form.

**Braska came in to my room this morning, and as she does often, paused at the light switch to flip it on. Only it’s already on with the light part of the ceiling fan turned off at the fan.  Because I’m not a big fan of SURPRISE! It’s time to get up! lighting.  She’s diligent, though, and she still attempts it every time.  And for the few times I forget to properly arrange things, wow. Good morning to me.  Doesn’t seem to bother her one single bit.

**Last night we went to the Y after a quick dinner.  We don’t go often enough, partly due to the fact that I work there… and entry always comes with answering questions or explaining something.  But the plus side is that when I do go to work out, especially in the evenings when “my” crowd is there, I know lots of faces and names and it kind of feels home like. 

**I’ve learned more lately that I apparently have a bit of a craving for a Cheers-like environment.  (not the bar part, the “everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came” part.) And I also realized that it’s been years since I’ve felt like I had one.

**Kinlee is really an interesting little being.  One little girl—so many facets.  This is a whole post in itself. Coming soon…

**The holiday season went pretty well.  The past few months have been especially stressful for me, with work issues, family issues, kid issues, more family issues, and just life in our current world.  All that stress made me much less able to enjoy the sweet things of the season.  It also made me a grinch for many of the events.  In the end, I feel like I’m reaching the point where I want to pare back the get-togethers and holiday parties and just be home more, making traditions of our own, enjoying the fun parts of the season that are free and simple and require no small talk or feigning interest in acquaintances that really only show up for holidays. Harsh, I suppose. But when my favorite holidays are marked by just wanting them to be over, something’s gotta change. 

**I was doing well with healthy eating choices for a while before Christmas.  I made it through Thanksgiving (my FAVORITE meal of the year) with no mashed potatoes or pie.  Seemed so wrong.  Then Christmas knocked me off the wagon.  I’m back on now, and the damage is not too bad.  Got some goals for the coming months, so here’s hopin’.

**My work schedule is finally easing up this month, that is, AFTER I get the two new trainees up and running to take over the weekends I have been doing far too often.  I’m looking forward to cutting back and having weekends again to just be home a bit.

**I know I’ve mentioned this before, but seriously, who was crazy enough to name what I do as “stay at home mom.”  It’s nuts.  If I’m home 3 hours during the “working day” time, I’m thrilled.  It’s just constant running these days.  I’ve caught myself hoping for a very very big snow storm lately…electricity stays on, but we can’t venture out.  Good combo.

**New Year’s Eve was kind of pathetic this year.  A couple came over, friends that we’ve spent New Year’s with for 3 years now.  But this year I was ready to be in bed by about 10.  When did life get so exhausting?   But so far, the new year is proving to be doable.  Which is a good thing, and not something I take lightly.  Recent times have done me in too frequently.  I’m working on a new outlook and the changes to help it come to be.

There you go.  All the excitement you hoped for, isn’t it?


  1. Not exactly exciting, but good to catch up. And I am quite sure you leave the exciting parts out.

    By the way, the new background on my phone is a brightly colored turtle that I love.

  2. Well it does seem like you have plenty of content for blog posts! Like my writing teacher would say, "I want you to expand on that thought." And in this case "that thought" can apply to all your snippets :)
    By the way, we have to do the same thing with Nichole and morning lights :)


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