Monday, June 25, 2012

My girls. Captured.

A couple of weeks ago we met up with Jodie from Fresh Art Photography.  The experience was lovely, good weather, the super cool and sweet demeanor of Jodie with the girls (while I was impatient, trying to get them to “put your hand down! Stand still! Put that tongue away!”).  The very gracious Jenny accompanied me to assist with Baby Patrick and the girls, so that I wouldn’t get swallowed up in the whole thing and miss the fun parts.

Today we were excited to hear that our sneak peek was available to see.  PLEASE go over and see the rest that she posted. They are just beyond precious. 

Braska’s glasses are Transitions, and I didn’t think about the fact that they would turn dark (cuz it’s their job!) being outside for photos.  But I actually like it because it’s they way she looks outside.  That’s what we see when we see them playing, so I kind of like that it’s captured.


We were graciously nominated for this session and I was really excited about seeing how Jodie captured them because I have been a big fan for a couple of years.  And she surpassed my expectations by FAR!

Captured. That’s the best thing about this.  Jodie captured their silliness, their cute smiles, their goofy giggles, and it all makes for an awesome composite of where life is right now. So I’m thankful to have these. SO thankful.  I knew they would be great. But I didn’t know how great GREAT can be.

Jodie even let me ask those pesky “what camera should I get” questions when she had far more exciting things to get on to doing. She provided a WEALTH of info, and I can’t wait til my camera fund is up to the point where I can buy what she recommended for what I’m wanting.  They do a VERY cool Fresh Class periodically, teaching people in an intimate fun setting how to use their DSLRs the way they’re best used. NOT on auto.  I am looking forward to enjoying that one of these days.

If you’re in StL or you will even be passing through StL in the future and you want excellent photos, this is where you will get them. Backed by the most personable, knowledgeable photog I know IRL.  Fresh Art Photography. You will NOT be disappointed.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The big event. MunchCon 2.0

We have been planning for almost two months.  And by we,  I mostly mean me. Because I wanted everyone to get to experience the trivia event we are throwing tonight for M's belated birthday party,  I ended up doing most everything myself. I'm flat worn out. And I am the MC,  so I need energy!

In just over 3 hours,  about 50 people will be arriving at our venue to enjoy this night with us. Work friends,  lots of family,  friends through DS,  friends from C-U,  and  friends we like because they are cool. Not that everyone there isn't cool,  mind you!

So here's hoping that everyone has a good time. If you are in South County and want to join us...  Drop me a note and you can come on by!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mini OCD

Some days Braska’s OCD tendencies are more frustrating than others.  Today is a “more” day. 

The need to touch the wall all the way down the hall as she goes to her room… difficult when there are two small boxes in the way. She could go around, but instead she starts and stops over and over and over. Like she’s going to be able to make her arm rubber this time and stretch to reach the wall the entire way.  This one in particular caused a lot of physical moving of this little picky one.  Luckily she’s light.

The need for all doors to be open fully or closed fully.  Sometimes I want the door just slightly ajar, for purposes of proper air conditioning flow, or so that I can hear our little buddy Patrick when he’s sleeping.  But no.  All the way open or all the way closed.  No matter what she’s told or what she agrees to.  She

There are several others.  But today I seem to have less patience for the quirks.  So these two seem like plenty.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gotta love "perfect"

Dentist appointment.
Good, painless care.
Reasonable cost even with private pay bill.
Walked away with the "perfect teeth" label.
Makes this mouth happy.

0613RK smile

Ok, I wasn’t going to post this, (I posted just the above blip, but now I’m changing my mind…adding the following self-deprecation. ) but I can’t resist telling on my silly self.  Plus, this is such a real look at how ridiculous I can be.  I stood for like EVER trying to get a proper shot of my teeth when I got home…  But they all went silly and blurry and self portraits are hard!

I just wanted to share two of the outtakes….

How can a person look a bit clueless and confused when that same person is the only one who knows what’s happening at that moment????  Huh?

And this is classic… M behind me enjoying (or being annoyed by) my goofy attempts at teeth-picture getting, accompanied by my goofy face.  Classic me. And him.

There ya go, your dose of goofy for the day.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Deep breath

This week I’ll have 2 extra cuties for 4 days. 

Tonight … just relax a little and plan when I’m gonna get a few things done.

In the next few days…
Dentist appt for me
Photo shoot for the girls*
Three workouts
Cheer/tumbling for both girls
Swim lesson for Braska
An evening shift at the Y

(All of the above, except the *, will have to be done outside of the time I have the two extra cuties, in few available waking hours.)

Not to mention the dentist appointment for Kinlee that keeps being remembered and then forgotten before it gets scheduled.  Then there’s the big BIG birthday party event in less than two weeks… many hours of work and prep needed for that. And the housework. Oh, the housework.

Here’s to a good week!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What weekend?

I just finished a 5-hour shift at the Y.  Stopped by home to change clothes and now I am on my way to clean for a few hours.  Gotta love weekends.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Smelly and sore

I’m sunburned from playing in the pool.  I made sure the girls were all covered in spf 50 but didn’t remember myself. Of course. I’m paying royally for it.

To try to get through the burn quickly, I’m covered in Desitin. For the second day in a row.  And of course I could only find the original kind in the bathroom closet. Not the creamy lotion-ish kind. It’s helping the burn, but it sure does leave a girl feeling like a dork, covered in thick white goo, cringing when someone small comes flopping in for a hug.

And Kinlee, queen of the super-sensitive-nose club, keeps telling me that this “white medicine” on my skin stinks. Good times.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Old. New. Same. Different.

Almost 3 years ago we were blessed with this van, from my parents since they had just bought another Sienna and passed the well-used-and-loved one on to us.

Just this past week, in a matter of a few hours, we heard about another Sienna they were looking at, and they were proposing another switcheroo, giving the “old” one back to them for a great deal on a “new” one with 100,000 miles less.

After some debate, we decided to go for it.  We don’t NEED a new van at this point.  I really do LOVE this old, dented, 242,000-miles used van.  I’m fine to hold onto it for a while.  We have been through quite a few vehicle transactions in the last few years… remember this?

The final piece needed to talk me into it?  It was the same van.  I mean, a different van, but the same one.  One year older, but with 100,000 fewer miles.  Same interior, nicer exterior without the scratches dents and dings.  And for much less than we could consider replacing our van. 

So the same van, only better?  Ok, I can do that.

Last Wednesday, I drove the “old” one out to my brother’s house where my mom was visiting.  We made the switch, and here’s my “new” van.
Looks a little familiar, eh? 

It looked like a gray-green Sienna club meeting in my brother’s driveway. Looking at this, I realize I should have at least washed mine before I handed it over.  Wow.

So we have a new, older van that is the same, only different.  And I’m good with that. (The girls were ok with it, too.)

Now we need to get around to the actual money exchange, don’t we, Dad? 
It’s in the mail… Thanks for bringing the deal to us!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Matlock on Monday

My view from the treadmill... Burning calories and solving crimes.