Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things I learned: Red Roof Inn

First off, for all you in C-U, yes, we know...we could have stayed with so many of you. Thank you. We appreciate it. But last night had an odd set of things on the schedule, so a motel worked better in the plan. So we thought...

Here's things I learned, or remembered, from our stay. I thought some of you might find it helpful this travel season. We can't all be like Jen and stay in the fancy places.

1. If you're traveling with 27 10-year-olds on a baseball team, do us all a favor and give them the "common courtesy" speech about public places. (This could be another post completely.) Try to have a plan so that they are not running up and down the walkways at midnight screaming at each other and banging on random doors to "try" to find their room. It is NOT ok for the chaperones to sleep in one room and allow all the kids to run free all night. Sorry, I'm a killjoy, but come on. When did we stop teaching respect of other people in such a communal environment??? When we stayed at places like this when I was a kid, we were reminded everytime we left the room to go anywhere that we were to be silent as we walked by other rooms. Even in college with all the touring I did, we had fun and goofed off a lot in the various hotels and such, but never at the expense of others. It's just common sense.

2. When you're considering a motel for a quick stay along the road, if you do not have a pet, you might want to avoid "pet friendly" locations. ESPECIALLY during summer vacation season when apparently everyone takes their little Fido with them. We didn't have an issue all night, but at 5:58 a.m. this morning, there must have been a signal to take said pets outside and leash or kennel them for some fresh air. In the grass immediately in front of the building. Where they can all see and bark at each other. How can it not occur to people that this is greatly disturbing?!? I'd have Belle hand-clamped at the doggie snout tugging her inside before I'd just let her bark and wake a whole dang building of people. I don't get people. I really don't.

3. The best thing about hotel/motels??? The air conditioners!!! Crank it up, run that wonderful white noise all night, cool the room to like 60 and enjoy a good sleep in the covers. (That is, when there aren't running 10-year-olds and barking dogs disturbing things.)

4. One cool thing did happen... Last night when we got here at 9:15p or so, I went in to check in, and there was a line of people, like 3 in front of me. The first ones in line had to sign some form that said they weren't going to be doing anything in the room illegal, that no one would be visiting the room to do illegal things, and anyone who DID visit the room had to come to the office first and show ID and sign in. They had to show ID for each of them and they had to pay upfront for the whole stay (4 days). The next ones had to show ID again for all of them, had to sign a few more forms saying they would check out in person and leave all items in the room that were there at check in. And so on.... When it got to me, I'd motioned for M to come in--he was walking around with Braska outside to give her a break from the car seat--so we could do the ID parade. I got to the counter, set down my drivers license and credit card, told M to get his ID and the girl said, "That's ok. You're fine." Then she went on about how beautiful Braska was and so forth. The guy behind us in line starting asking about the glasses...always the first question. I signed the card for check-in and she gave us our keys. That's it. No speech about illegal issues or pre-paying. Granted, they had my credit card info. But the others had credit cards too. I walked out and told M why I had him come in and what had happened, and we can only assume we look too lame to be doing anything illegal, and we look to honest to take stuff. OH, and when I called down to the front desk a few minutes later to get my PIN for wireless, she heard Braska over the phone and said, "Oh, you're the ones with the beautiful little girl!" Then she was telling whoever was at the desk at the time all about Braska. Funny.

Time to get going. Braska's playing on the bed but it's time to feed her. M's in the shower and will use all the hot water. I best get things moving... alot of stuff to do today. Can someone do some relaxing for me?!?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey C-U

We're coming in late tonight and will be around for the weekend with some stuff to do and some free time. FYI... didn't want anyone to be upset that they didn't know we were coming! Nothing like short notice, right?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh, by the way...

Blah blah blah....queasy, not sick, just icky. Blah blah blah...don't know when I'm due, dr appt in a few weeks. Blah blah blah....therapies, meetings, work, diapers.

And oh yeah...

We sold the house!!!!!!!

Thank you, Lord!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Braska's big news

Little Miss Braska Bear decided to spring something on her daddy. Take a look.

Need a house??

In case you do, I know of a cute little place in Champaign, Illinois, with a pretty blue pool. Pass the word, people. We need to sell this place! It's been on the market 3 weeks, we have some interested parties, but no offers yet. I know I'm impatient, but really... let's find a buyer!!

Can't you just see yourself relaxing there while the kids play? Or maybe you wanna float in peace while the kids are at school??

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random Answers Vol 2 Round 1

1. Snapshots vs portrait... I like them both, but so far we've had better snapshots of Braska most of the time. The portrait thing tends to make her just stare at all the crazy people trying to make her smile and shaking things in her face. Since I post about a zillion pics on her blog, I'll just re-share one of my faves...even though it was close to 19 months ago.

2. Crazy thing last month? Well, that might be packing an entire house and moving in two weeks time. (With alot of help!!) There might be a few other crazy things, but I'll keep those to myself for now. :o)

3. Current must-have food or drink? I am loving my Diet Caffeine-Free Dr Pepper about now. And for food, I'm on a frozen waffle kick again for breakfast. Weird, I know.

4. Last movie I saw was Fool's Gold, on Sunday afternoon. It was ok, kind of funny in places, kind of over the top in others. But since we watched it in Cindy's home theater that ROCKS, all 80+ inches of screen in my cozy recliner on stadium seating... yeah, it was a good show.

That's it for now. More questions later this week! If you haven't jumped in, get with it!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Little by little

I got a few more boxes cleared out. The kitchen stuff is done, and I found a place for all of it. Even if it doesn't all fit in the kitchen itself.

The kitchen and pantry spills out into the "dining area" that isn't. At least there's some open space now. There are 3 boxes left there that need to go to storage with the 42,000 others that are already there.

The clearing gives free path to the deck and our little sitting area. It's nice to sit out there in the evening...well, when it's not still 88 at 9pm. We can stand on the deck and toss bread to the ducks and geese in the lake. Not a bad deal.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mouse races

Last night it was out on the town for me. I was invited to go to a mouse race fundraiser by Adrienne. She's the leader of our local DS group in St. Charles County and I knew of her on DownSyn actually even before we moved here. So last night I met her for the first time, and then met her four friends who also came to the event. And all these fine ladies have kids with DS. Handy, eh? And I was the youngest....that's a new position for me, for sure.

This is Carolyn, Becky, Allison, Adrienne, and Jane. (Not sure of spellings...sorry if I got any wrong!) Pardon the grainy pics, Motorola Q--not the best camera, but not a bad PDA phone.

The event was to benefit a family, specifically two young boys whose very young dad died suddenly two days after the youngest was born. This is that one...Anthony, named after his dad. He has DS too! He's 8 months old and A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

The fundraiser was to benefit the education fund for these two boys. There were appetizers, drinks, a silent auction for sports memorabilia, and raffles for a variety of prize baskets. I really hooped it up, and got a PITCHER of Diet Coke. Yep, that's right. Watch out world.

And here's the mouse race part.... (I'd never heard of such a thing prior to this. But apparently it's a "thing" around here. Must be like toasted ravioli.) There's a guy in some goofy get-up that's kind of being the mouse DJ or something for the night. There's a mouse roulette wheel on one side, no pic of that, where the mouse runs around and where he stops, that person wins. Yeah, I didn't go for that one. But the main event was the 6-round mouse races. The mice start down on the left by the numbers, then they turn the gate and some run and some just sit. It's pretty silly.

They run 6 races, then the winners of the 6 run the 7th for the big winner. People bet on the mice, who of course have names of all varieties. In the 5th race, I chose Speedy. That's him #1. And that's the mouse DJ guy striking a pose.

And there he goes, Speedy wins!

This was my proof of my bet. I had Speedy in lane 1 for race 5. I ended up winning 5 out of the 5 races I bet on. Pretty silly. Unfortunately they marked my slip wrong on race 6, but oh well. I don't know how much money I won, since I just let it all go to the fund.

It was an interesting evening. Not the most fun ever, but it was nice to get out. I still can't quite understand how this kind of an event can be such a big deal around here, though.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Random Questions, Vol 2 Round 1

Before I forget... Christina gave me a very nice award last month that I never acknowledged here! Thanks a ton, Christina. It's always so darn nice to be thought of!! Get up here to St. Louis for a visit!


We're back, kids!!! Let's have a record response this time! Here's the lowdown if you're new to the fun.....

The Random Questions process
~Choose one or all of the questions to answer.
~Either respond with a comment to this post with your answer or put up a post on your own blog for a full response.
~Don't forget to include any funny or interesting story to illustrate your answer in action.
~Be sure to leave a comment on this post to let us know where to find your post so we can come check it out!

This round is starting at the beginning again... just plain old random.

1. Are you a snapshot or portrait person? Let's see your current favorite pic!

2. What's the craziest thing you did last month? (You define crazy for yourself.)

3. What is your current must-have food or drink?

4. What is the last movie you saw and what did you think? Give us a review and rating.

My answers will follow soon. Gotta run for now, I simply MUST finish unpacking!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Liquid baby

If Braska continues with the eye watering and nose running and rattling wet cough, she's gonna just soak into the floor and disappear I think. That girl's gooey. Now, granted, she doesn't drool, even now, and that's good. Drool gets to me for some reason.

The good news is that she slept better last night thanks to our pals ibuprofen and benadryl. All night. We all slept all night. How spoiled we've been!! Let's hope it continues, though.

We saw her new pediatrician yesterday for a quick meeting. I like her, and I think she'll be willing to do whatever we need for Braska, so that's what's important. We actually go in tomorrow for a before-the-weekend check on Braska's cough, but we'll see her associate since she's out.

BTW... Stay tuned for the return of Random Questions next week... are you ready?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A few winks

Last night Braska had some trouble initially, but M was nice enough to take her so that I could go to sleep, and he returned to bed sometime a little later after she was snoozing in her bed. She slept from about 11 to 4:30am, which normally would be a bad night for her, but after the last few, that's pretty good. I brought her in to our bed at 4:30am hoping she would snuggle up and go back to sleep, even if I couldn't. She was so restless, but she slept for bits here and there. She just thrashes around with her eyes closed like she just can't get comfortable. For her, that's especially weird, because when it's time for bed, she's like a stone. She zonks out in the position she lands in and doesn't move much at all.

She has had two short naps this morning, one that I got to snooze during as well. The other was on my lap, so I just managed to get some work-work done with one hand since the laptop was next to me on the couch, so as not to disturb her. We're headed to have a consult with a possible new pediatrician today (thanks Julie!) in about 45 mins to meet her and discuss Braska's history and see if we feel comfortable with the match. The really good part is that her office is less than 1/4 mile from our apartment, super handy, so that would be a nice switch, for sure.

Thanks for all the tips on things to try with Braska for some comfort. I have had her on Tylenol regularly, but no Benadryl. Don't know why I didn't think of it. Oh wait, she's not been sick in 18 months...that might be why! We're getting some today, though.

OH! And the other news... she has 5...count them...5 teeth coming in right now!!! That could be the problem. I only knew of 2 til I did some forceful checking this morning. Ouch!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sleep, I miss you

Braska's been running a fever the last few days, on and off, but getting up to 100.4, which is way more than she's ever run for teething. She seems to be ok for the most part, a little snotty, but just a tad, and sometimes clingy, but also minimal. The problem lies in the sleeping, or lack of, that she's doing.

Generally, she's a peach in the sleeping department. When it's time, we say our "night nights" or thank you prayers for our blessings and ask for good things for those around us and far away, then when I say "Amen," she dives for the bed. This is the routine at naps and night. But the last few nights, she's been not wanting to go to bed, fussing (in a pathetic hoarse voice) and waking up numerous times just screaming. Last night she ended up in our bed, which is a big no-no in my book, largely because I can't sleep a stitch if she's in there. And that was the case. When we tried to put her back to bed after she fell asleep, it never lasted.

Today she did nap for a while, and I snuck one too during that time, but tonight's not looking to be any better. Big bummer. I'm not feeling great myself...scratchy throat and such. I just want to sleep all night. It's not gonna happen, I can feel it.

And, as if on cue, she just woke up crying again... and it begins.

Home for now

Here's a few more pics of the apartment, still a work in progress.

Our bedroom. Man I love that comfy.

One of my favorite places, the laundry room/closet. Our house had the laundry in the garage, and I'm loving having it right in the middle of the apartment. So darn handy. I'm keeping up with laundry better than ever.

And the office... yeah. When I need to print or scan something to email, I set my laptop on the highchair and connect to the printer.

It works, but I kinda miss my office.
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